Ha does anyone else?

mani saguana

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Sep 21, 2008
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San jose, CA
Ha does anyone else go on UU before work come home for lunch, check UU again then go back on UU when you home from work?
I honestly check UU every half our if im accessible to a computer.
me im pretty much always on the computer or phone! haha its fun to surf the old threads
I check it when...

I wake up
Before I actually leave to school
Once I get to school
After my first class
After my second class
When I get home
After homework
Before I sleep

when I first joined i would check UU at least 4 times a day...now that i'm totally busy with school-studying, researching, making papers I really just go online for emails at the moment...i should be studying right now but i'm on UU!!! hahha
ChamorroDT WOW how do you find time to study...or do other stuff....

anyways but no matter how many times whether little or a lot its always nice to drop by here at the forum ,everyone's awesome!!
Work? What's that? Probably something that would interfere with my time online.
I check a lot more often if I've created a thread, and I'm looking for responses. Right now, I'm checking for Deach Contest results many times a day!
iphone = UU in class = not really learning for school= Tabs anywhere = Uke Dreamin:music:
I go to the UU literally everytime I can access a PC and my boss is letting me, so I'm almost always on...^^ You know, I get up in the morning, check out UU, go to work, where I am at the moment, check out UU, get home, stay at UU^^ It's the last thing I do before I leave into the land of dreams as well. One could say it's the most addictive page I found since I left blogtv:D
When we're in a marina with shore power, the computer's on and I check it whenever I go by the nav station.

When we're at anchor (no shore power), I just turn on the computer a couple of times a day and check UU (and e-mails) then.

When we're on charter, if I'm lucky I may manage to check once or twice during the week. I sometimes get bad UU withdrawal!
Before, during and after work...
the Forum's are my home page when I turn the laptop on...
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