Had a Ukulelezaza Masterclass today!

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Aug 23, 2011
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Breda, The Netherlands
This morning I visited a ukulele Masterclass given by the great Remco Houtman Jansen, better known as Ukulelezaza. With ten others we were immersed in right hand technique. Triplets galore!

So cool to have a lesson given by such a virtuoso. A lot of the techniques I already knew, but they become so much better with a lesson like this.

At the end Ukulelezaza played some Formby and Smeck; wow!

Brilliant way to spend a Sunday lunch!
I have seen his youtube videos and they are pretty amazing.
I want to learn some his pieces like "the Glory of Love'
Remco has a tab book and accompanying DVD available. You should contact him.
Thanks for that information I didn't know that he had a Dvd,
I'll look into it,
I was going to figure out some of his songs and tab them out for myself
for good practice in listening to the notes being played and figuring out the strums
I like a bit of a puzzle;)
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His book is very good. it's good Happy Days Are Here Again.

Yes, "Happy Days are Here Again" is very good. The tabs are very good, the DVD helps with syncopation and technique. There are also pictures and discussion of his favorite ukuleles.
Big ukulezaza fan here. Thanks for telling me about the book, dvd. if anyone locates a retailer of it, please lte me know by posting here.

I even looked at remco's facebook page...no mention if it:
Hmmm, hope DVD plays on U.S. equipment
I've contacted Remco and sent him a link to this thread. Of course, it's the middle of the night in Belgium, but I'm confident he will be in touch with us soon.
Aloha! Indeed I have a tablature book+dvd available featuring 16 solo arrangements of songs from the golden jazz era, plus several strumming techniques. All shown in close-up on the dvd. The book also features information and plenty of pictures of vintage ukuleles, mostly Martin and National. You get a copy directly from me at ukulelezaza@hotmail.com, which is also my Paypal address. Price incl shipping within Europe is 18 euro, outside Europe 21 euro.
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That's awesome. You're such a wonderful player. I learned, to some degree ( can't play it one tenth as good as you), Mister Sandman from your tutorial. You are, Remco, one of the few (maybe you're the only one) to play the bom bom bom part on the uke...most just sing it.


Uke on! By the way...you tore up that plastic toy ukulele live in one of your videos. The best toy uke playing I've even seen.
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Remco how do we get the book, do we just move money into your paypal acct and does that include shipping to the US? cheers, g2
Remco how do we get the book, do we just move money into your paypal acct and does that include shipping to the US? cheers, g2

And, how do we convert dollars to Euros in Paypal...my Paypal account only lets me send payment in dollars. I don;t see a Paypal Euros option, and even if it converts it in Paypal automatically, how would I know what 21 Euros is in American dollars based on today's conversion rate? Thanks.

(does anyone in the USA carry the DVD book?) Thanks.
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