Sold Hadean UKB-23 (Bass Uke) Left Handed w/ Hardshell Case

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Suwanee, GA
Approx 30" in lenght


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Nov 30, 2011
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Suwanee, GA
This is a Hadean entry level bass ukulele (length: 29 3/4″). I used it to try out the bass ukulele format and now have a solid body bass ukulele. The Hadean is very light weight and comfortable to play (light touch on the strings). It's good for trying bass ukulele or starting out with Bass playing but don't expect top-of-the-line fit and finish. Connected to a bass amp with effects it's great jamming fun. Requires a 2032 battery (included). Comes with nice hardshell case.
Please Note: This is a LEFT handed BASS UKULELE.
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That would probably wreck the intonation, plus the nut won't fit the strings after you swapped them. The controls would also be on the bottom and the output jack would now be on top. Bummer.
Hello Ogg:

Do you still have this Left Hand Hadean UKB-23 Bass, with case for sale and is it what they currently consider their fretless model ?

Thanks: Mkster
No, this model has frets. Strange that the fretless version has the same model number. Must make inventory control interesting.
I love my entry-level Hadean bass with the black rubbery strings. Some lefty will be very pleased. Plus a hard case...great deal. GLWS
With the title showing UBass, I thought you might have made a mistake that it's a Kala since UBass is a specific name for their bass ukes. When it's not a Kala, using the generic name 'bass uke' might avoid some confusion.
Hello Dave:

The uke arrived in fine condition, Appears to be nearly flawless. Thanks for the smooth transaction and quick delivery.
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