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Mar 10, 2009
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Stockton on Tees..North East UK.
I just have had my attention drawn to this new bit of technology...CNC machines that take up space in the workshop are on the way out of fashion.
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This technology makes things very easy. How do you think it affects the craft of woodworking in general? Will woodworkers be able to make better things with these tools, or just make things faster? I will never be a professional uke maker, so time isn't such a big deal for me, I would prefer to improve my luthiery skills than to be able to blow through projects quickly. I imagine not everyone is of this mindset though.
I'm told that this first came out 3 years ago and now it's catching on fast....it's great for woodworkers who take on projects like doing inlays on dance floors and posh yacht decks where they can just turn up with this in the car boot and do the job on site..also it can also be used on the bench top to do delicate inlay work and stuff that used to be done with a larger CNC router set up..I've yet to see a video where it does fine work like Pearl and Abalone inlays...but it may come one day...it can be used to do blind end fret slots as per video shows...I'll keep my eye on this technology and see how it improves over time...So I won't be buying one just yet :)
I wasn't expecting that price, over $2500 US. How is it that much different than a good hand held router?
2D work on large flat surfaces - yes, this is a specialist machine useful for furniture makers but not on a scale right for luthiers. I am working on that problem BETA testing a number of machines and configurations so if you want any information please contact me as this is not the forum for SSP.
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