For Sale Hand-made ukuleles - baritone available

Bethlehem Pennsylvania and Jupiter Florida
soprano to baritone
I am a small-time maker of ukuleles. Things have been a bit quiet given the Covid situation and I have 4 instruments in current inventory, two tenors and two concerts. I love wood. The wood for most of the instruments I build started with me and a chain saw, and most of the wood has a story associated with it. We are surrounded here in the east (Pennsylvania and Florida) by wonderful wood so I see no reason to use tropical hardwood that came from who-knows-where at who-knows-what environmental cost. Because of all these great local choices I rarely build exactly the same thing twice.
I strive to get the very best sound from my instruments and think they can compete with any other instrument. If you would like to see the current inventory (and a bit more of the story) it is at If you are in the Eastern Pennsylvania area over the summer, or the Jupiter Florida area over the winter, you are welcome to stop by, see the shop, and play whatever instruments I have in inventory.
- Jonathan Dale

Beautiful! I see the ukes, and I see the pricing, but do they go together? The ones you show have sound ports, for example. Would I have to add $50 to your listed price to buy one with a sound port? Are there any other extras on those ukes?
You've definitely got some beautiful looking and great sounding instruments Jon. Jim Hanks' video introducing his baritone guilele definitely sparked my curiosity ~
This post will veer into Uke Talk territory, but wow, I am the thrilled new owner of Concert # 68. I'm not big on doing NUD posts, but I have to say Concert # 68 is spectacular: beautiful wood, beautiful workmanship, beautiful tone. It sounds like the angels are playing, and believe me, that's not due to my abilities. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Mr. Dale, so if you're on the fence about one of his lovely instruments, maybe this will be the little push you need. :D
Wow. Beautiful work. I really like the wood choices and the whole story.
I'm intrigued by the redwood and curly maple.
I really enjoyed reading your blog with the comparison of the different bracings on the 3 instruments. I suspect that if all three were in a store together, the loudest one would sell first. That seems to be a big factor for a lot of players/buyers.

I love that you found a potters wheel on a curb and repurposed it for you building process. That is very cool.

You make some beautiful instruments. I'll keep you on my short list.
I love that you’re reclaiming wood for your builds. Similar to what some of the builders in the northwest do. And they always sound great.
I received a Jupiter Uku earlier this year. See my NUD below.

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