Hard/high tension strings -- cure for baritone 'boominess'?


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Sep 7, 2020
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Hi All!

To those who have tried higher-tension string sets: do they reduce the baritone's boominess at all?

If not, how would you describe the effect on sound quality?

I switched to a Uke Logic hard tension set on my tenor, mostly so that I could have more consistent strumming/picking experience. But I'm curious whether this switch would have desirable sound-quality effects on longer-scale instruments.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience!
the Uke Logic hard tension smooth wound .035D
and .030G are my favorite...not so fussy about B and E
I've used high tension a few times. I believe they were Guadalupe and Worth. Both times I took the scissors out and cut them off within a day--within minutes with the Guadalupes. I didn't like the feel whatsoever nor the lack of responsiveness. I didn't notice a difference in timbre.

But the bass in your face boom is the point of the baritone, just as the jangly sound is the nature of the soprano. I think you should accept the baritone's nature and if you want to control the boom, then that's your responsibility as a player. I tend to mute the bass string or I use graduated strums in which I brush the bass string rather lightly and dig in on the treble side to achieve the balance I want.
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