UU Podcast Harsh Truth Among Impostors | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #108

Growth from Criticism, Impostor Syndrome & Songwriting Challenge #36​

What was a Harsh Truth Aldrine needed to face in order to improve as an Ukulele Player? Aldrine shares the precise moment when someone gave him a “Harsh Truth” that pushed him to being a better player. We also hear how Aldrine learned to grow from these criticisms and how he changed his goals to better reflect himself. The guys discuss Wound, Unwound and Flatwound Low G Strings and what they prefer. A new Songwriting Challenge is set before Aldrine gets introspective on where his own Impostor Syndrome comes from, and how he deals with it.

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Questions asked this Week:
1:31 Caffeine Talk
8:00 Asking for Songwriting Theme Suggestions
11:00 Eat Sleep Music Sessions CD
16:10 What is a Harsh Truth you had to face before you got better?
21:30 Another Hard Truth: You’re Not the Best
24:50 Growing as a Musician / Who is the Best?
28:25 Being the Best You
33:40 A Soft Truth: Playing with the Thumbnail
37:10 Criticisms to Ignore
40:50 Wound Low G
43:30 Take String Opinions with a Grain of Salt
45:35 Aldrine’s Low G Recommendations
49:15 Songwriting Challenge #36
Write a Song about Ukulele

Spring or Winter Theme
Use a Major 7th or Minor 7th Chord

UU Team Due Date: March 25th
Everyone Else: April 1st

55:50 How do you deal with Impostor Syndrome?
58:45 Where does Aldrine’s Impostor Syndrome come from?

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