Has anyone ever tried something like this for acrylic nails?


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Mar 21, 2023
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I wasn’t at all sure where to post this question! Sorry if this isn’t the right place!

I have really weak nails. I started taking biotin supplements about three weeks ago and it already seems to be helping. At least my nails aren’t splitting and peeling as much as they were. But, I’m intrigued by acrylic nail tips. And even more intrigued by figuring out a way to make them easily removable.

I came across these and these and these while browsing Etsy. You attach acrylic nails to them. The million dollar question is, could you use them for finger picking, or would they shift around too much for that? Has anyone tried using something like this?


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There are quite a few threads (I'll see if I can hunt at least one of them down) about weak nails and playing. There are some really interesting options that people have offered that you may wish to explore.
weak nails site:forum.ukuleleunderground.com

Try the above in your browser. I didn't have quite as filtered results using our Advanced search extension but the site search on a browser was pretty good.
I'll give it a try! I have searched for help with weak nails here before, but never in my browser. (That's where I got the idea to try biotin.) I love the idea of 'wudu nails'--acrylic nails that don't mess with your natural nails. Basically picks that you can just put on your fingers and not have to worry about holding. But, my gut instinct is that playing would cause them to fall off.
A few people on the forum have mentioned/suggested these Alaska Piks too:

And I know that I saw a DIY version of this somewhere on the forum.
I know a couple of ukulele players with weak fingernails (or who don't want to take care of their fingernails) who use guitar-style side-thumb picks and Alaska-brand thin plastic finger picks. I've seen professional guitar players use similar setups. They are comfortable to use once you get used to them. The sound is brighter than using your fingertips and fingernails, which you may or may not like.

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