Strings Has anyone tried nylons on a Martin 0XK?


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Jan 9, 2014
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Raleigh, NC

Time for a string change on my Martin HPL concert. The most recent set, the Magic Tin Man strings from Christopher Davis-Shannon, were excellent. But I’m a tinkerer, and this uke is loud and a bit finicky (strong low- and midrange, a bit dicey in the trebles).

My best experiences to date are with the Tin Mans and Aquila Sugars. I’m uninterested in Nylgut/Nyletch or Aquila Red. The Martin 600s and 605s disappointed.

But I’m curious about nylons. I’ve never had a great experience with them, but my playing style is changing (I’m doing more classic, Tin Pan Alley stuff) and some fluoros sound a little harsh to me.

This is a roundabout way of asking if anyone has used nylon strings on any of the HPL Martins? Clear/black/Aldrine? Would they make the high ends even less pronounced?

I’d greatly appreciate your input!
The AGxAQ strings might be worth trying. I found them to be a little closer in feel and sound to carbon strings than most nylon.
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