Have you picked up a ukulele today?


May 17, 2021
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If so, what did you play? Whether it was a practice routine, a song you've mastered, a song you're trying to master, or just noodling...share what you're working on!

If you haven't picked up a uke today...it's not too late! Go grab one and strum a couple chords 😁

Here's a little tune I've been noodling with on my Kamaka HF-3L strung with low octave GCEA.
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I'll be finishing work in about twenty five minutes, after which I'm going to grab my Flea soprano and work on this one:


Good morning!
Still practicing three Bach pieces and playing "Brown Eyed Girl".
Every day! Kid gets on school bus at 0630, so plenty of time afterwards... usually some noodling/vamps then songs that I've been working on, or not. Keeping a uke handy helps... there are always a couple within arms reach in the office.
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Picked up my Koa Fluke tenor and started Arpeggio Meditation, stretching a new pack of Worth Browns. Great way to start the day!
I picked up my new Ohana SK-21 before heading to work. I was checking how the strings were settling in, strummed through the chord progression of a song called “Revelation Song”, and finger picked through my original instrumental “Evening Prelude”.

I am also working on holding this Uke without a strap. It went ok this morning. Also working on using my thumb for more of the strumming and single notes than I have in the past. It seems that machete technique relies heavily on the thumb.

On such a small Uke it seems to give more volume and clarity than primarily using fingers. Still very early in the process.
Not today. Had tendon-release surgery this a.m. on left pinky. No playing for me till after June 13. Sigh.
What a bummer! Hope you are ok & ready to play after the 13th.

I know how you feel. Will finally be getting together with my quartet this morning. (Haven't seen them since a gig in Dec - messed up knee, had arthroscopic surgery & PT.)
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Yes. Just got my new Cocobolo long neck soprano a few days ago and need to get those strings broken in. A few minutes of noodling around with the instrumental solo of "Sweet City Woman."
Not yet, just watered the garden and fed the kitty, made and ate breakfast and started the dough for pita bread. Now that i'm sitting down, it won't be long. First song will probably be a Piedmont picking tune like Railroad Bill, or Freight Train...maybe Alley Cat.
If you count bass ukes, yes, I'm going to my repair place, Eric's Guitar in Van Nuys, CA to pickup a bass uke in which Eric installed a magnetic pickup and disconnected the wonky piezo. I'll be playing it while I'm there for the day.

Bass uke wood.jpg
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