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Nov 25, 2007
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Kauai HI
Hey I noticed some people were signing up but not activating their accounts. If anyone is having problems registering for the forum, check your spam folder for the activation email. Sometimes if your spam blocker is really strong, it takes a while to get that email.

If you still can't find it and can't post in the boards, PM me and I will activate you.

Sorry about that.
Thanks for the tip!:D
Difficulty Getting Ukulele Review Posted

I have had some issues getting some reviews posted. My lastest is a review of my 6-sting KoAloha that I purchased at the Uke Fest in Honolulu this past July. That was over a week ago. I posted it under the ukulele review section, Kanaka then informed me that is is supposed to go somewhere else? Frankly. I am a little confused. I had an issues several mos ago with a similar problem with a review of a KoAloha Superconcert. It finally made it to the forum. I dont know what happened to my 6-string review? Can you help or clarify what I am doing wrong? Respectfully, Howie

I have had no trouble logging in and posting but I don't think I am able to send or receive PMs.

A few questions on posting.

1. How do I add a picture in the upper left corner of the posting ?

2. At the bottom of the posting, I notice some members add info/pics of their Ukes. How do I do that ?

at the top of the screen (when you are logged in) there are a few links in the upper right hand corner. Click the one called "settings". The pic at your name is called an avatar and the stuff below your post is called a signature. on the right hand side there are links called EDIT AVATAR and EDIT SIGNATURE. Click on them to change things.
Hi Rayan

I'm having trouble registering for the uuu music theory classes. The only tricky part is the state. As I live in New Zealand. I don't want to miss out on the classes, so could you please inform me pn how to register.
cheers tookee
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