Health Update, and a Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!


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Feb 18, 2009
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Massachusetts, USA
Some of you have followed my Cancer battle over the last year and the recovery process since then.

Well, I wrote a story on my blog and wanted to share it with all of you who might be interested and have supported me through this ordeal.

Today Cinco de Mayo I mark a great milestone in the battle with this awful disease, you can read about it at

Also wishing everyone a Very Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!


And best of all here is our first grandson 2 weeks old and already has a gig tonight playing Maracas...



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Hi Ivan,

I read your blog page about your recovery process. Your story is an inspiration to all.

I'm so happy that you are doing better, and have a positive outlook to the future.

Thanks for sharing your journey. :)
Glad you're doing better, y feliz cinco de mayo.... Oddly, it's not such a big thing here in Mexico, other festivities are more celebrated, like el día de muertos, or el día de la revolución, but, any way, have a nice cinco de mayo, and party with your grandson, who has grown a huge mustache in only two weeks, jejeje:smileybounce:;);)
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