Hearty “hello” from “vintage” strummer


May 27, 2020
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Santa Cruz area CA.
Hearty HELLO from vintage strummer

Greetings everyone,
Have been lurking for little over a year and greatly appreciate the knowledge, humor and inspiration that you good folks generously share.
Happen to be in my 83rd year on the planet and, after six plus decades of saxophone and flute (some interesting pro years), I have become a tad obsessed with tenor (low G) Ukulele.
All those years on wind instruments and I never quite developed the ability to fully play what I was hearing internally (not to mention the need for some kind of harmonic backing).
So last year I happened to remember a Summer in 1957 when I had access to a Ukulele that I strummed for my pals as we participated in the English blues/folk/skiffle craze that was ongoing and huge at that time.
Having absolutely zero knowledge of the relatively recent growth in popularity of this little instrument I decided to acquire one so as to be able to create my own harmony and rhythm over which I could sing, hum, whistle and yodel to hearts content whatever comes to mind! Have somehow (yeah, I know!) acquired four tenor Ukes and will need to pass on a couple soon. One is an acacia Koaloha Opio,
but more on that later.
Very best wishes to all!!
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Welcome to the UU Forum, TERCLEM. Your ukulele journey is well under way -- as is your UAS. :)
Enjoy them both!
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to UU, Terclem!
I think you'll fit right in. Enjoy your ukes!
Welcome to the UU Forum TERCLEM.

I look forward to your comments. Based upon your introduction, you have a lot to offer the Forum.

Happy strumming.
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