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Harp Gal

Apr 27, 2020
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Eastern Oregon
I am Ronda From Eastern Oregon. I just recently purchased a 1920's Avalon Banjo ukulele. It's been a challenge keeping it in tune. That's how I found this site. Looking forward to learning to play my banjo ukulele. I do have a concert ukulele. The banjo ukulele looks like a lot of fun.
Stay safe,
Welcome to the Forum!
Hello Ronda!

Welcome to UU. I hope you'll enjoy playing your banjo uke.
You'll have to excuse me but I'm afraid I don't see the appeal of the hybrid. I'm not well acquainted with genres or individual songs that ask for a banjo sound.
Ronda, Welcome from the other side of the state. When all of this craziness is over you should keep an eye out for uke festivals in the NW.

Hi Ronda,

Another welcome from the other side of the state!

I’m curious about your “Harp Gal” name. Is it because you play a harp (the kind with strings), or a harmonica?

Harmonica. I mess around with the diatonic. It's easy to carry while camping.

Same here. Nothing like camping with a harmonica. I usually do hammock camping, but sometimes tent - in that case, a guitar goes as well. BTW, I'm also from the other side of the state.

Hi, Ronda!
Welcome Ronda!

Keeping a banjouke can sometimes be a challenge to keep in tune. Check the tightness of the head. The position of the bridge on the head. And your strings. (New strings take a while to settle in.) There are lots of videos about the care and feeding of banjos and banjoukes on YouTube. I have tenor Southern Cross and Deering Goodtime banjo ukes.

Oh, I also have a solid Fred Shields Backpacker concert uke. They are compact, light and sound great. So keep them in mind if you don't want to go the plastic uke route to take with you camping.

Have fun!
Thank you for all the welcomes. I recently purchased a Concert size Amahi Banjo Ukulele. I played it at the closest music store here. Then all this mess with corona virus I couldn't go back and purchase until the Gov said they could open. So after 4 months of wishing and waiting, it's now in my music room. The closest music store is 150 miles a way. So, now I'm just letting it settle in.
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