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Nov 20, 2023
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Asheville NC
You can sometimes find me on The Gear Page, if that tells you anything. Let's just say that between my girlfriend and I that we almost have one of everything, though guitars for me and banjos for her are our main passions.

I'm an adequate guitar player and play roots type music from folk to fiddle tunes. My favorite thing to do is play for dances, such as squares, contra, waltzes etc. I mostly play in pick up bands and go to old time jams. It's a joy to see people dancing to music that I am helping to create.

Why a Uke? Well my GF signed me up to go to the John C Campbell Folk School with her for a week in January. She enjoys the craft and art classes. I like the music classes. I took a harmonica class once there, but it didn't take with me.

I have a Uke on the way

If you are local give me a shout.

Thanks for reading....LOL, if you read this far!
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Welcome to the forum! Be sure to post some pics of your new uke when it arrives too.
Welcome to the UU Forum, ancient tones! Your musical background will serve you well on your uke journey. As an avid, long-time, hard core contra dancer (now “retired” due to a bad hip), my sincere thanks for your contributions to the marvelous bands that we contra dancers get our energy from. I think that contra dances epitomize the wonderfully symbiotic relationship that the musicians and dancers share.
Welcome to the UU Forum ancient tones. It's wonderful that you and your lady friend can play music together. And hopefully dance from time to time. I think you will enjoy your ukulele. Have fun at the school.
Welcome to UU, ancient tones!
Looking forward to reading about your uke journey.
Thanks for the kind welcome everyone!

I will post pics. It's a used Martin C1K concert Koa. I love Martin guitars, so I figured it's a good start.

Jan, sorry about your hip. I used to contra dance, but though I'm a young 65 y/o health issues have keep me in the band and not dancing anymore. Years ago I thought that I would never play in a band for dancing. Then a lovely generous fiddle player insisted that I play in her community band. We continue to reinvent ourselves, right?

I lived in and around Atlanta for 45 years Mr. Scruggs fan. I went to Tucker High. It's cool, maybe I've met you, or perhaps danced with Jan.

Y'all seem like a great community! That's the best part of music, the wonderful community ❤
Welcome to UU ancient tones, and a warm hello from Chicago!
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