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Apr 4, 2024
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Los Angeles, CA
Hi everyone. I've been playing uke for about 6 months and just joined the forums after being drawn in by a search for used ukes. The Hawaiian koa ukes look and sound so beautiful, but I don't have a budget to buy a new one. I play on a concert and a tenor koa Martin now. I got the concert first and after trying the tenor realized that I prefer it. Still it's nice to have both and have used the concert on vacation. Looking forward to being on the forums and learning from my fellow uke players.
Welcome to the UU forums! Good luck on your search for your next ukulele. What style of music do you enjoy?
Thanks for the welcome! I love Hawaiian music, and that's why I picked up the uke. So I've been working on strumming, and hope to learn some of my favorites, maybe White Sandy Beach some time soon. I have pretty eclectic musical taste in general, and would like to start playing some French music (La Vie en Rose, Les Feiulles Mortes/Autumn Leaves) and some Latin music like trios and boleros (Cien Anos, Sabor a Mi). I'll have to learn some finger picking for the Latin music and some of my favorite Hawaiian songs. I also like jazz, and my longer term goal is to learn how to do some gypsy jazz on the uke.
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Welcome to the forums. Your Martins sound like wonderful ukes to learn with on your journey.
Welcome to the UU Forum, Nahele! Sounds like you have a marvelous musical journey ahead of you. 🎵
Welcome to UU, Nahele!
You're clearly bitten and willing to learn. I hope you'll share your progress when you are ready for it. But even if you dont, regularly recording yourself is very helpful. Good luck and have fun!
Hi Nahele, welcome to the UU Forum.

I enjoy a lot of different music as well. Blues, Jazz, pop, rock, doo wop, classical, folk, etc. But mostly I play to accompany my singing. And that's mostly folk and folk rock songs. Learning finger picking/fingerstyle. But it's going very slow for me.

Have fun with your explorations.
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