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Oct 31, 2023
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So my wife and I were in Maui, celebrating our 30th anniversary. We stumbled into Mele Ukulele and was struck with all the pretty instruments. I've tried to learn guitar over the years and always have had a desire to play, but have never seemed to stick with it long enough to gain proficiency. Long story short, we ended up with one of the Maui branded concert mahogany ukulele, complete with the sea turtle inlay. Over the last few weeks I've been learning new chord shapes and strumming to my hearts content, thoroughly enjoying playing.
Also really enjoying the discovery of the ukulele community. Looking forward to learning more and playing more.
Maybe a future trip to Maui will result in one of Mele's handmade Hawaiian instruments. But for now I love the one I have, and the turtles are a good memory from the Island.

John Williamson
Brookville, OH
Hi John, welcome to the UU Forum.
Good background story. I made several attempts to learn guitar, even a period where I practiced at least a half hour every day for a year. I finally gave it up. But I love playing the tenor uke.

Enjoy your concert uke. One uke is plenty to start and continue to having fun. More, is an abundance of riches. Nice, but not essential.

Would you like to come over for tea?
With the missus and me?
Having a real nice time in Dayton, Ohio
On a rainy afternoon in 1903.

One of my favorite songs sung by Harry Nillson and written by Randy Newman.

I was born and raised in Akron. Lived in NE Ohio for a good portion of my life.
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