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Sep 27, 2022
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Hello all! I have been reading posts from UU for the past year, which has been immensely helpful in helping me get up to speed about all things ukulele.

I love these instruments because of how portable they are! I have played piano for most of my life, so having an instrument I could bring around the house or outside is so much fun!

I started by playing a ukulele that we bought second-hand for my daughter after she learned ukulele at school (my dog has fleas cha-cha-cha).

Now I'm hooked! It is so much fun and I bought a soprano, concert, tenor and guitarlele. I am in the process of buying a Kala baritone through the marketplace on this site (thank you frets alot). I am looking to sell my concert and guitarlele in the near future.

Thank you all for being so supportive and informative, and I am looking forward to joining more conversations in the future.

Welcome to the UU Forum, Jeremy. It’s obvious you don’t need any encouragement from us when it comes to UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome). You seem to be excelling in that part of your ukulele journey quite well all by yourself. :)
Welcome to UU, Jeremy!
Glad you found the uke through your daughter. I hope you'll love the baritone once it arrives. Personally, I think they are awesome!
I find guitalele still rather challenging, so I sometimes have to tell myself: 'Just play the bloody thing!' Still, after almost two years, it's still around and I've improved (a little bit).
Jeremy, happy to see you active now on the forum. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new baritone. ;)
Welcome to the UU forums and congrats on the pending acquisition! That's wonderful that you're having such a great time with the ukulele, it is a fun, very portable instrument!
Welcome to UU Jeremy, and a warm hello from Chicago! Glad you decided to quit lurking and join in on the fun.
Welcome to the group Ratchet! My first instrument was also the piano. The uke is much easier to lug around the house or anywhere outside of the house!
Hi Jeremy, welcome to the UU Forum!

Ukes are fun instruments. I'm sure they will continue to provide years of enjoyment for you and hopefully your daughter as well.
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