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Aug 30, 2015
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Hello everyone,
I bought my first ukulele on my honeymoon in Kauai back in 2006. It was a Kelii solid Kia concert. The marriage didn't work out but still have the uke. Recently I now have to travel a lot for work and also have quite a bit of downtime in hotel rooms so wanted something small that I could bring with me and occupy my time with. So bought a Flea after lurking here for a bit based on everyone saying how nice the were and how indestructible they are and have been teaching myself the ukulele for the past month and loving it.

Anyway just wanted to say hello and thank everyone for all the great tips on here.

Greetings and welcome. Glad you joined us.
Hi, Crew, welcome to UU! Sorry about the marriage, but glad you nevertheless maintained your interest in the uke. A break-up actually played a role in how I found the ukulele, paired with the onset of a midlife crises. I just needed a break from the routine and the not-so-happy feelings, and something new and enjoyable, and the ukulele promised to deliver that -- and kept the promise! It's turned into an amazing hobby that really enriches my life. :)

Happy you joined us!
Welcome, welcome! Maryland suburbs here - grew up inside the D.C. beltway. Still go back to Montgomery/P.G. County quite a bit.
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