Hello from Michigan!


Sep 30, 2023
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West Michigan
Hi all, Gregg here,

I've been a member for a while but never did an intro! (Strike one!) Been playing guitar for close to 60 years, Uke for 15 or so. Playing much more Uke than guitar for the past 7 years or so, due to old fingers and the fact that I started busking on Uke after retiring. I have a low-end Uke for busking and I bought my first high-end Uke late last year. (And I made a mistake with the brand, so you may see a listing for it, with details.)

Nice to meet you!

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Welcome to UU, Gregg!
I'm sorry to hear about age-related issues with your fingers, but I'm happy for you that the uke is still working for your hands. I wish you good luck with the sale of your expensive uke, and lots of fun busking with your cheaper instrument!
Welcome, from Gaylord!

Another 50+ year guitar player here!
Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself! It's certainly not a strike against you for not doing so before now, a lot of people just jump right in without. It's nice to have you here!
Welcome Gregg, from your neighbor in Northern WI. 👋. This is a great forum, with great people!!!
Hey from Oregon! Welcome! I was born and raised in Pontiac area and still a Lions fan to this day :)
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