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Mr. Chainsaw

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Apr 18, 2024
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Hi everyone!

I am 39 years old in Montana and just got my first ukulele (Enya EUT-MAD).
this is my first string instrument, but I have played piano and saxophone in the past.

Excited to keep playing and continuing to get better!
Hey chain, welcome!!!!
I'm kinda new here myself but find it to be a friendly and supportive group.
Welcome! I'm a retired saxophone player too (alto). 🎷
I'm new to fretted instruments, too. Welcome! (What color is your enya?)
Welcome to the UU Forum, Mr. Chainsaw! There’s a piano in my past too. My first instrument … and the gateway to many others over the years. Your own previous musical journey will definitely inform your ukulele progress. May it be a joyous experience for you!
Welcome to UU, Mr Chainsaw!

I'm still learning lots of new things on the uke. The learning never stops. I can say that with certaintly after more than 30 years of flute playing and just over one year on the alto sax.
Enjoy your new hobby!
Hi Chainsaw, welcome to the UU Forum. It's excellent that you have found the ukulele.

I love saxophone playing. Especially in jazz. But classical and Rock-'n'-Roll is also cool. Many years ago I knew a guy in Illinois who played only classical saxophone. I was quite surprised at how many classical pieces there were for sax solos and as part of small ensembles.

Enjoy your uke.
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