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Jun 19, 2018
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I received a Hohner HU-212 soprano at a “white elephant” Christmas gift exchange in 2017. I tried to play it, learned on this site (and gotaukulele.com) that the action was not right, so I fixed it with a new saddle, nut and strings (I like to fix things). More recently I bought a used Kanilea concert, joined a local ukulele group and I can keep up with them if there aren’t too many E and B flat chords. I tried other instruments (guitar and piano) many years ago, this time is different and I can actually play.
Welcome to UU Xpathdoc!

I hope that that Kanile'a gets lots of play and keeps you motivated for a very long time. Both E and Bb will become manageable with lots of practice. Accept that they are hit and miss for now. We've all been there... E still trips me up in fast transitions after two years I've been playing uke. However, the Bb or the Bb minor shape no longer intimidate me, and I can transition from and to them in fast passages. It's just practice and perseverance.
Hello Xpathdoc from another Oregonian. Stick with it. Allow yourself a few mistakes and remember to have fun! :)

Welcome Xpathdoc! You've found a friendly place to hang and exchange thoughts and information. And even learn a thing or three!

As far as E & Bb chords go. I still can't play a 1402 E-chord. So I use the 4442 version. (The numbers indicate the frets you use to make the chord. But you probably already know that.)

A method that worked for me whenever I find a chord a have a hard time with, I practice changing to it from other chords. Especially if there's a song I want to learn that uses it. For instance, A to E, over and over. While I watch TV, I find, is a great time to do this. You don't have to play anything. Just hold the uke as you would when you play, and do the chords changes. Try several chords to E. Do the same with Bb. This will speed up your muscle memory a lot.

Have fun. Your Kanile'a is a great uke.
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