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Aug 25, 2020
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Hi, My name is F.L. I am a Ukulele beginner, I am playing Piano, Classical Guitar etc.
When I started playing Ukulele, I realise that Ukulele is more easier than Classical Guitar, maybe my hand is too small for Classical Guitar.

Love to share music with you all.
Welcome aboard and continue to enjoy your ukulele journey of discovery!
Hi F.L.,

Welcome to the forum. Many members are players of multiple instruments. (Alas, I am not one of them.)

I hope you enjoy your uke. They are a lot of fun.
Welcome to UU, F.L.
You may be a beginner on the ukulele, but with previous knowledge of piano and guitar you know your chords and how they fit together!
Hello everybody. I’m new. I have three Ukes.
Vintage Martin Soprano
Kala solid mahogany Concert
Kala USA Elite solid Torrified Spruce top and African Ebony body and sides Super Tenor

Looking forward to learning a lot here.
( o)==::
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