Hello from the land of George Formby!


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May 27, 2011
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The home of Formby & pies, UK
Hi all - just wanted to introduce myself:

I'm Paul in Wigan (the wettest town in the wettest region of the wettest country in Europe!). Been a lurker for a month or so, whilst I scoped the place out and gathered ideas for my first uke. Prior to that, I've played guitar for over 20 years, but wanted to spread my musical wings a little further and the uke really appeals, sharing the same type of tuning as the guitar (most of my guitar chords work on it! :D).

Anyway, uke bought this week (a Lanikai LU11 from the fantastically friendly and helpful guys at Ukulele Hut) and it's great! I'm already well underway with my first few song choices - I'm a huge Beatle-freak, so I've learnt Paul's Ram On (the one that got me into the uke in the first place), as well as Something and Joe Brown's tremendously affecting rendition of I'll See You In My Dreams. There's a few more Fabs and solo tunes I've got in mind, as well as a few "standards" that I fancy a go at.

Looking forward to hopefully taking part in a few discussions, as well as drawing-on and utilising the array of knowledge you guys bring to this board.

Anyway, got to go for now - got a tab request to post on the song help forum... ;)

(***P.S. Yes, I know George played a banjolele, but I couldn't let the opportunity for recognition drop!)
Aloha Paul,
Welcome to the UU and our forums..and the ukulele....have fun and enjoy...contratulations on your new lanikai LU11 google Musicteacher2010 and Keonepax for awesome ukelele video tutorials..
and Dr Uke for songs chords and instructions..Happy strummings..mm Stan
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I played guitar for a number of years before 'discovering' the Ukulele... I'm having far more fun with the uke.
I'm not sure why, it just feels more comfortable, intuitive, and I can play it far better after just a couple of months than I ever could play my guitars.

I can almost here you playing from here...
Welcome, Paul! You're going to have to learn "In a Little Wigan Garden", record it in your own garden and post it here sometime! ;) Well, not really, but it would be cool - I don't know that we have too many people here from George's home turf. I can only think of one other...

Thanks for the welcome!

As daft as it sounds, I don't know that tune (I'm more of a pop/rock person), but it sounds like I should do it!! Watch this space...

I didn't realise there was someone else from this neck of the woods on here, though I do note that there is a Wigan Ukulele club, so I might check them out.
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