Hello from Virginia


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Nov 24, 2016
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Northern Virgina
Used to play the uke - decided to return to the fold! Picked up a new Ibanez Tenor Electric - sounds nice but needs a good set-up. Looking forward to strumming
Welcome from next door in WV.
Welcome. If it's the Ibanez I've been seeing lately, cutaway, mahogany, I really like the looks of it.
Greetings and welcome, glad you joined us.
Welcome from your neighbor in Maryland!
Welcome from the Eastern end of Virginia.
Where are you located? I may be able to suggest somewhere to get a set-up.


I live in Ashburn (near Dulles Airport) I bought the Ibanez Exotic Wood Tenor. It's not the best but I liked the on-board electronics and tuner. I gig on weekends (acoustic guitar and vocals) and play the uke but never owned one that I could use at a gig. It does need a set-up. The first two strings are dead sounding - not sure if it's a high fret problem, it actually sounds like it's coming from the saddle area. Thanks for any tips - Jack
Jack, I'm afraid I don't know anyone in your area that could help. My friend/luthier is near the Richmond area.

In a past life (37 years ago), I used to work at Arcola and Dulles airport for the phone company. Sure is a lot more populated than is was when I was there.

Bill - Thanks, I'm checking in the local area. You wouldn't recognize the area today - wall-to-wall people.

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