Hello from Walkerville, Montana


May 31, 2013
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Since I play the ukulele for fun, and make and repair instruments for a living,(violin family and ukulele), I thought I'd join in here. What interested me in the ukulele is it's small size, and ease of playing. It is such an enjoyable instrument and people don't expect it to sound as well as it does.

Aloha Jeremiah,

Welcome to the UU forums and the ukulele...Yes yes you are on the best uke forums online...woo hoo we have the most friendly and nicest members around offering great
advice happy strummings....Yes the ukulele is such a fun instrument....
Welcome, by Montana standards we are neighbors in Missoula.....love Big Sky Country!!
Welcome to UU, glad you joined us. I use to go hiking a bit north of you. Beautiful area.

Enjoy and keep us posted
Greetings and welcome. Montana touches my soul like nowhere else. Wow, with your skillset, you could pick up some amazing ukes needing repairs.
It's so great to find some fellow Montanans here! Thanks for the welcome. This is a wonderful forum!

I'm very qualified to make and repair violins, but am new to ukuleles and guitars, having only made two ukes, helped make a classical guitar, and currently making a ukulele that thinks it's a harp. Actually I've already made the prototype which almost everyone spontaneously calls the "harpalele". I've got four of these under construction right now, with hopes of selling them and making lots more because of how cool they are.
The toughest little ukulele...

So, how does one break a ukulele? I know there's probably never been a symbolic ukulele smashing during a Don Ho concert, eh?
However, I know like any wood instrument they are vulnerable, but I was wondering if anyone has any war stories of damaged ukuleles?
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