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Jan 4, 2024
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66 year old, started with trumpet as a kid and took up guitar a few years ago. My wife started playing tenor and concert ukulele and one of her lesson classmates recommended a baritone uke for guitar players...Guess what I got for Christmas? A nice Snail baritone uke and I really like playing it. It complements the guitar nicely and has me finally learning the fretboard on those upper 4 strings, a win-win!
Howdy @Helibrewer! Thanks for finding us, and thanks for saying hello!

My first ukulele was a Snail too (a concert), and I was just playing it yesterday -- a lovely sound, and I can well imagine how much you're enjoying yours!

You're definitely going to find lots of multi-instrumentalists here, including quite a few guitar players in our Guitar subforum. We're glad you're here!

Welcome to the UU forums! It's great that you've found us, and wonderful that you've been introduced to the joys of ukulele. As Tim mentioned, lots of people here that play many different instruments, many of whom came from a guitar background, many of whom play guitar as well as ukulele still. I look forward to hearing more about your ukulele journey, but feel free to share any musical thoughts on your other instruments with us too:

Welcome, Helibrewer, from Atlanta! My background is 5-string banjo. I caught the uke bug entirely by accident when my adult daughter (at my wife’s retrospectively odd recommendation) gave me a DIY soprano kit as a Christmas 2021 gag gift. Haven’t touched my Fender Leo Deluxe 5-string since I got the uke assembled and painted. Working this week through a finger style version of “Drive (for Daddy Gene)” by Alan Jackson.

Chord progression is very basic but beat & tempo are tricky.
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Welcome! Be sure to check out the NC Ukulele Academy in Wilmington. Kent has a number of classes, jams, and other events. There’s a uke club in New Bern (Craven Ukes), but I’m not sure how they advertise. Other ENC clubs are based in Oriental, Fayetteville, Wilson, Durham, and, of course, Raleigh!
Welcome, and congrats on your new Snail bari!
Hi Helibrewer, welcome to the UU Forum and ukuleles. They are fun instruments. It's terrific that your wife decided that you needed a baritone and that you're enjoying her gift.

I hope you will be able to play your ukes together. It does make it more fun.
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