New Uke Day (NUD) Hello! Ma Baby T


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Mar 1, 2012
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Leeds, UK

Madeline Kahn, our head of quality control, gives every instrument a thorough examination before allowing it to stay.

A new arrival from World of Ukes, this is a Uma Baby T, a tenor uke with a smaller, concert-sized body. Haven't had much time with it but first impressions are positive: a surprising tone for a laminate; good level of finish; and it feels wonderfully playable.

I bought this one as I've been struggling to comfortably play the Pono tenor I have, but still wanted to work on something with a tenor scale. The neck profile and smaller body on the Uma look as though they may suit me better, so I should probably sell the Pono.
Congrats! Beautiful kitty, too.

The supplied strings were rather bright, so I decided to swap them for a set of Rotosound Nylgut, which not only add some body to the sound but are also a very fetching shade of blue. Important to get the little details right 😁

A quick raid of the parts bin also turned up a set of friction pegs, perfectly sized for replacing the guitar-style tuners without needing to do any woodworking, so that was another quick change. Much smoother in use and far more aesthetically pleasing. There are small screw holes in the back of the headstock, of course, but I shall fill those later.
Is Ms Kahn your "Ragtime Gal?"

Nice uke and feline companion.
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