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Oct 31, 2010
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New Jersey
Hi fellow ukulele players,
I was wondering if anybody could tell me about a website where I can find some basic ukulele tab. Every time I look up ukulele tab I get guitar tab instead. Thanks for any help!
hi ya try and then on the far right of the page you can choose on a drop down pane ukulele and it will change the chords, also richard g's site has loads of songs also just type uke song chords or tqabs into google, best of luck and hope that is some help :)
Are you looking for Tablature or Songsheets? Check out the Tabs and Songsheets at Live 'Ukulele.
I came across this page the other day. Got to be some stuff here that would be of interest, and ready formatted for printing too!
+1 for Chordie too. Lots of Uke songbooks on there that other folks have collected together.
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