help installing Ping friction tuners


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Jun 17, 2011
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Got some ping tuners for an old banjo uke. The tuners have no directions and I can't find any info online. I need to know what diameter drill bit to use for the tuner shaft and also how to seat the tapered bushings into the peghead. The tapered bushings are throwing me. I thought the tuners would come with straight, fluted bushings like others I've seen.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
I can't help at the moment with the diameter of the hole because I would have to take one of my ping tuners out. I bet you could figure it out if you test drill holes into a scrap piece of wood.

As far as the tapered bushing, I don't use it. I use a stainless steel flat washer. If you take the Ping tuner shaft with you to the hardware store you can get a package of stainless steel washers which look and fit perfectly. Then, you don't have to countersink the hole in the top of the peghead. That is what I did on a vintage uke, and it works great. Don't get a galvanized washer, it doesn't look the same as the shaft, but the stainless does.

The ping tuners I put on a vintage uke made it go from untunable with the vintage tuners to a great, playable, tunable instrument. Hope that helps a bit.
The hardware store is the place to go. Definitely. Get the washers!
I wrote in another thread here on Uke Tech that I bought some Grover 2B tuners. They fit perfectly at once, but that's on a fairly new ukulele. How old is that banjo uke of yours? I just wonder, because I just bought one on eBay myself, and who knows what I need to modify when i get it....
I just flipped the bushings over. I think it looks fine, and they stay in tune as well as the other friction tuners I have.
I got the tuners installed. I tried different drill bits on a scrap piece of wood. I also had a countersink bit and tested that on my scrap also. That worked well for the tapered bushing so that what I did.

I got the uke from my father-in-law. It's an old Maxitone. Took it apart and cleaned it up. Just needs a new nut and a set of strings now which I'm working on.
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