Help me pick my next Kamaka!


Jul 15, 2023
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Give me your thoughts on the following, as I can't for the life of me, make up my mind....feel free to take note that these are all models I don't own, per my signature.

Kamaka HB-2
Kamaka HF-38
Kamaka HF-4
It seems that your goal is to collect a range of Kamaka ukes and is not as much determined by the specific music you want to play. Only you know what itch you want to scratch with playing. Though I noticed that Ohta San and eight string are no longer featured on Kamaka website, so if you want a new one there may be uncertainty if they will still make them in the future. I also don't think they make many baritones but at least they are all still on the website. You will need them all to round out your collection as well as a Lili'u which is my favourite
Yes, that is the goal 😂

I don’t really get held up into specifics, as I can pretty much play anything I want on all of them. My gut is telling me 8 string tenor as that is the one that is the most different to anything I already have. And I have a feeling it would be 100% sick to play it in taropatch tuning.

I have found that the Kamaka sound is my favorite, so I have abandoned the other K brands for the time being.
1970s White Label for sure
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