Here's a rare chance to acquire a very special custom Pete Howlett ukulele

Uke Canduet

Oct 24, 2019
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...and for a truly wonderful cause.

Earlier this year, UU member Athos offered his custom Pete Howlett concert ukulele for sale and posted the link to his eBay auction. Here's the post:

Interestingly enough, Pete himself bought it back and on June 15th he proudly posted that it's "Coming home to Daddy :)"

As a result of the recent Maui fire, Pete very generously just donated it as a fundraiser and it's now available at an auction here:

Here's a clip of Corey and Kalei playing this incredible instrument:

What a wonderful history! Happy bidding and please help spread the word so we can do our part to help those in need as much as we can.
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