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echo victor

Mar 6, 2017
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Hey there! I'm Greg, and I'm primarily a singer (choral, classical, operatic, etc.) rather than an instrumentalist. But I got interested in learning an instrument to accompany myself (and to brush up on some music theory elements), so I started with a Makala baritone ukulele. I've still got it, plus a concert (which is great, but just a bit cramped) and a tenor - low-D and low-G for me. And I picked up a gorgeous vintage tenor guitar a while back, which I've got Chicago-tuned to match my baritone.

I'm still trying to build up my skill set. I tend to learn in fits and starts, so at times I've picked it up for a month or so and absorbed/practiced a fair amount of new stuff... followed by not touching it for a few months at a time. Yeah, music teachers love me.

All the best!
Welcome to UU, Echo Victor!
Yes, sometimes life interferes with hobbies and peojects. However, your ukes will be waiting for you whenever you can take time for them.
Welcome. I started with giant ukes and finally got some sopranos a few years in when things didn't feel so cramped on the short board.
Hi Greg, thanks for introducing yourself! You might be interested in the Seasons of the Ukulele (SOTU) crew, a weekly song challenge, when you are at that point in your journey. There's a great FAQ to get you started.
Wow! SOTU has an amazing amount of content... easy to get lost over there. Thanks for the tip - if/when I feel like I'm ready, maybe I'll jump in. :)
No kidding! Though, to be honest, in my case it's probably as much the ADHD as the rest of life... :)
I can empathize. In my case, I have ADD. Which can be a real PIA.
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