Hey now - Greetings from Maine


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Oct 15, 2023
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Springvale, Maine
Finally joining up with UU after finding it a very helpful reference for some time.
I am a retired speech pathologist, having worked in home care for 26 years. Absolutely loved the work, but the job eventually ended up in the proverbial handbasket..
My gateway instrument was mountain dulcimer in the early 80's. After being in a drum circle for years I decided to get back into melody and harmony so I took a couple of introductory ukulele classes in adult ed about 5 years ago, then kept playing a bit here and there. Now that I have the time and winter is coming I hope to pull those pieces together and move forward.
Have fun!
Pete Davis
Hi Pete, welcome to the UU Forum. I think you'll enjoy playing the ukulele. It is a very versatile instrument. And fun!
Welcome to the UU forums Pete! There are definitely mountain dulcimer fans (and drummers) here if you do a bit of sleuthing on the search tool. Glad you found us, and looking forward to hearing more about your ukulele journey. Winter sounds like a great time to snuggle up with your ukulele (unless you're a curler and busy curling all the time instead 😜).
Hello and welcome!
Howdy Pete! Thanks so much for introducing yourself! I'm also very happy to hear that we've already been able to help you!

In addition to other mountain dulcimer players, you'll find some other drum circle folks in Ukulele Underground too! (My phone's autoINcorrect just tried to change that to "fun circle", which works too!)

And definitely quite a few health care folks here, too! I help out around the forums, but my day job is in primary care medical education, keeping doctors, nurses, PAs, and other PCPs up to date with the latest therapies.

Let us know what else we can do for you!

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