Hi I am new. My Ukulele is a Kamaka 1969 Short Tiki Gold label

Nov 16, 2020
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Hi, I was given a this Ukulele and it is in excellent condition. Just curious if anyone knows how many were made. Mine is shown on the Kamaka site. I am hoping to get more of the story about why the short verses long tiki too
Welcome to the forum, Terry.

I'm afraid I don't know much about Kamaka. Maybe you could contact their customer services with your request for info?

If your user name is a real email address you rely on, I hope you don't regret posting it on a public forum.
Hello Terry, you have come to the right place. Lots of knowledgeable people and good info here.
I believe that the Tiki models are fairly rare and highly sought after.

Beyond that, I don't know anything about them except they look fun.

Almost forgot: Welcome to the UU Forum! Have fun playing your uke. Kamaka ukuleles, being the oldest continuously uke-producing company, are the baseline that all solid koa ukuleles are compared to.
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Welcome to UU!
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