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Jun 19, 2010
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Mandeville, Louisiana
Thought folks might like to see how we roll down south. Saints are in the playoffs for the first time in awhile. We won in the first round against Carolina last Sunday.

After the game, cameras took in the celebration in the Saints locker run. Coach Sean Payton was front and center. The broom was in reference to having beaten divisional foe Carolina three times this year.

In just a couple of days one of our finest trumpet players, Shamarr Allen made a song and video and sent it out over twitter. Right away we've got a new dance craze. All this since Sunday.

Here's Shamarr's video:

And even though some of the players chuckled a bit over Sean's moves, just a day or two later you can see the young, the old and everyone in between are doing them (below). New parade step for Carnival season!

It's definitely going to be tough this weekend against the 1st seed Vikings in their stadium, but thanks to Shamarr the Saints will have a little extra bounce in their step.
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Hi Dirk,
Geaux Saints! I'm rooting for them even though I have uncles/cousins in Iowa who are big Vikings fans - shh don't tell them...
I like the Saints' chances here because the game is indoors. I think that helps them out.
Plus Case Keenum or Drew Brees...
Well, it's a very fluid situation with the video. Turns out the one I posted earlier today was not the official Shamarr Allen version. It was taken down for unauthorized use of NFL footage. Another has gone down as well.

I just replaced it with the new version done by Shamarr himself and it looks like he has all the necessaries.

The video starts with what happens for all the home games. Someone (usually from the team) leads the stadium in the "Who Dat" chant. This video concentrates on last weeks Carolina game and for that one, Reggie Bush leads the cheer along with a bunch of members of the 2009 Super Bowl Champion team who came back for the playoff game.

Below is Shamarr, BTW. This from a news report the day after "Hit the Sean Payton" hit the city. If you ever want to make a sports theme song/video, just follow the recipe he gives here for "Hit the Sean Payton" (he makes it sound soooooo easy):

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I've always been indifferent to games. But when I saw the Vikings , it's another matter, I'm rooting for them
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