HMS Podcast?


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Jan 28, 2019
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Florida, USA
I'm an avid listener of podcasts on my drive to/from work.

UU's Thursday Live Lesson is the most reliable in posting the audio version for the pod catchers of choice. Thanks guys!

While I enjoy the video version of HMS's podcast on YouTube, often I don't have the time to watch, so I listen via their audio-only re-cast and then if there's something I want to see, I'll pull it up on YouTube.

Up until recently HMS has been posting audio-only versions of their pod casts. However, comparing YouTube with my pod catcher app it seems I'm a few episodes behind. I think 20.3 is the most recent one available in the audio-only podcast.

Did I miss something? Was there a name change or something that caused my app to miss the latest episodes?

Thanks for any help or guidance.
The most recently uploaded to YouTube was 2 days ago, and that was 20.7. I only catch the YouTube version so am unable to verify the release of the audio-only. In the most recent ep, they talked a lot about the return of KoAloha's KoAlana line, and about releases from Blackbird.
I searched using a number of different podcast 'searchers' .... found nothing. Perhaps calling or emailing HMS and asking them ?
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