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Dec 31, 2010
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Tampa Bay, FL
I almost forgot to let you know....come to Holiday Lights in the Botanical Gardens, Largo FL, enjoy the lights and hear us, the Ladies of Uke, perform. 6 to 9 pm, Sunday December 3rd.
I was expecting this:
I'll be there in spirit, Nickie. Just think, next year maybe you can rosin up your bow and play a little Holiday diddy. Have a great time!
Out of about 2 dozen people that I invited a grand total of one showed up. It had rained an hour before, maybe people thought they'd get wet....the folks that did come were very complimentary, and filled up our tip jar. We played for almost 3 hours. I'm beat today.
The only things that got wet were from a damned irrigation system that should have been OFF. At least the ukuleles and bass were dry.
Out of 45 songs, we only messed up one, Wild Mountain Thyme.
They offered us another night of playing there, we politely turned it down. We even cancelled today's rehearsal.
Time for a nap.
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