how big are your ukulele collections?

Let's see: I have 4. Makala Shark in teal blue (because I :love: teal), a Pono soprano in Mango (my most expensive), a Lanikai Concert CK-C, and a Eleuke Peanut (that I bought in the marketplace here).

Some day when I get rich (not going to happen) I'd like to try a tenor.
-First one was a Kala Archtop. I decided it was important to buy a real instrument and not a toy for my first. I also wanted something that looked cool, figuring that would inspire me to play. It worked.

-Second was a Kamaka E3 tenor. (A red one) Solid spruce top and huge sound make this one a heck of a bargain. If you're looking for a quality instrument at a really affordable price, I can't recommend these highly enough. It is still my most played ukulele, my go-to for song writing, acoustic jams, serenading my lady, and playing alone.

-Bruce Wei all solid cherry tenor. I keep it strung reentrant (most of my ukes are low G) Nice, mellow tone, but small body for a tenor and the wood is kinda thick, so it's not very loud. Very pretty though, it holds a tune and the intonation is good. Worth the $ as a piece of art to hang on the wall.

-Kala all solid acacia tenor 8 string. I can't say enough about this ukulele. It is simply one of the finest, most beautiful instruments I have ever played. Possibly the highest quality Chinese made instrument I've ever had my hands on. For tone, playability, and pure visual beauty, I'd put it up against many American (including Hawiiaan) and European made.

-Risa Les Paul style, electric, solid body, steel string tenor. This thing rips!! It's basically a legit electric guitar with a tenor ukulele scale and tuning. If ever a ukulele was built for rock and roll, this is it.

-Luna banjolele. Bought it basically brand new on eBay for a really low price. It came out of the box and was more or less what you'd expect from a low end banjolele. Hardware was a little loose, the neck didn't seat properly against the tone ring and the neck angle was a little too severe, fretboard was pressed against the hoop, and the wooden tone ring had a flat edge (90degrees, no bevel at all). I pulled it apart and went at it with a belt sander and rotary sander/grinder. A few hours of labor and a handful of washers later, it is actually a pretty decent sounding concert banjolele.
Thing is though, I don't like the concert size. So, feeling empowered after my successful rebuild, I ordered a tenor neck and fretboard. Should be a fun challenge to convert to the larger size, and hopefully make it more functional for my stubby fingers.

-I also have a Kala Rumbler U-Bass that my girlfriend gave me for Christmas. Slightly different animal, but it's a fun little bass for an acoustic jam, and sounds more appropriate with ukuleles than my electric basses do.

This is my current lineup. I may sell or pass on the Luna and/or the Bruce Wei, as I have sold and passed on others that weren't quite right in the past. And I'm sure the collection will grow in time. I've managed to get a handle on my UAS, so that now I'm only actually considering new ukes if they make sense in my arsenal.

Fun thread, thanks! I do like talking about my ukes!
I'm down to a sensible 5. One concert in hi g, one concert in lo G, one tenor banjouke, and a wallhanger concert, the neck is warped. Boohoo.
This collection is staying small.
I have way too many. I keep half-a-dozen in my study, 3 in my bedroom, a couple in the living room and lanai, and 4 more at the office. I've also given several to my daughter and niece. Currently on hand are:

Mya-Moe Master Grade Chocolate Heart Myrtle Tenor
Kanile'a ISL-T-P Islands Premium Koa Tenor (Low G)
Cordoba 35TS-CE Acacia body/Spruce top Tenor (A Tuning)
Fluke Walnut Top Rosewood Fretboard
Bruce Wei Solid Acacia HI Islands Soundhole Tenor
Lanikai SMP-T Solid Monkey Pod Tenor
Bruce Wei Solid Mahogany Turtle Inlay Cutaway Tenor

Pono MGCD Concert Mango Deluxe
Grape Bird's-Eye Maple Concert
Bruce Wei Acacia Concert Dove Inlay
Mitchel MU70 Concert

Black Bear Koa Soprano
Kamaka Gold Label Soprano '50s (Grandpa hand-me-down)
Vintage Maccaferri Islander
Kala KA-S Soprano Mahogany

The Mya-Moe, Kanilea, Fluke, Pono and Black Bear easily get 90%+ of the playing time.

I think I'm going to try to prune this down to about 7-8 in the near future and do my darnedest to keep it there.
I own a grand total of 1: a Ko'olau 20th Anniversary Koa Tenor. I have spent past five years shopping for my lifetime keeper. I finally found it in this uke and I don't need another. I tried a bunch - bought and sold a bunch (including 3 other Ko'olau tenors) - but this one is in a league of its own. So for me - it's just this one.
I own a grand total of 1: a Ko'olau 20th Anniversary Koa Tenor. I have spent past five years shopping for my lifetime keeper. I finally found it in this uke and I don't need another. I tried a bunch - bought and sold a bunch (including 3 other Ko'olau tenors) - but this one is in a league of its own. So for me - it's just this one.

Nice! Did you buy the Ko'olau Taro or Ulu 20th Anniversary? Can you share any pics so I can drool all over them.
I'm just going to say 'OH MY GOD' that is so wonderful looking that I am going to cry.

Congrats brother! :)

With an instrument like that, I totally understand why it is your only uke and 'the one'...

LOL same here! My dream uke, It's gorgeous! Please excuse my excess drooling.
Thank you! The folks at Ko'olau are doing amazing work - and thank you also to Andrew at HMS for helping me find the uke of my dreams. Hey - that sounds like a song... :)
See my sig.
My collection (in order of purchase). All are strung with Ko'olau Aho fluorocarbon strings with Smoothwound low-G.

1. Pono AT (Acacia Tenor). My first uke and it's my small-room instrument. Beautiful woody sound.
2. Fender Montecito (Tenor), which I got for a bargain on eBay with pickup installed. Ok sound, but much better with an acoustic amp. It's also the one I take when camping or traveling.
3. Pono ATD-SP (Acacia Tenor Deluxe with Spruce top). The nicest of the lot with amazing projection.

I try to play daily, picking one depending on my mood. Mainly playing classical fingerstyle.
All mine are in my signature :)
Ukes I tried and then sold off were by Gretsch, Cordoba, Lanikai, Kala, Pono, Martin, Mainland, Kamoa, Teton, Bushman, (and some other brands I do not remember now) in sizes from soprano to baritone, some brands one of each size.

This was over the course of 2 years when I first started to play.

Then, I found my "forever uke", a Lava (black top) concert Flea, made by The Magic Fluke Company, and never looked back.

I don't have UAS and also have zero interest in owning any other instrument. I have been extremely satisfied with my Flea.

I've tried others at uke meetups that other members owned, but I have never been tempted by other ukes since.
I have three: a laminate Ohana concert, a spruce top tenor Ohana, and a vintage Harmony baritone ( solid mahogany). The only reason I have three is for the different tunings. One high g, one low G, and the baritone is DGBE. I don’t foresee owning more than three ukuleles.

If I had to choose only one I’d keep the tenor and string it high g, though if I were downsizing for travel I might keep the concert instead.
I don't think I am afflicted with "uas" but have somehow acquired 4 ukes in the last couple of years. One is an Aklot solid mahogany electric acoustic concert I bought my son. (Not showing any interest...) A Caramel solid mahogany electric acoustic baritone I bought for myself, an upgrade to a Clearwater roundback baritone, and a vintage United baritone my sister gave me. Also in the collection is 4 acoustic guitars and a dulcimer, plus 35 harmonicas, and 3 full size amplifiers. 20210916_120648.jpg
This thread has been around longer than I have been playing uke and I'm coming up on 10 years! 😄 (And now that I think of it, why am I not better at it having played that long?! 😄)

Oh and I'm currently at 6 with my high being 7 ukes.
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I'm down to 2 since I just loaned out my acoustic to a friend for an indefinite amount of time. I may pick up an electric / acoustic so I can double track it with my electrics.
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