How can a stereo mic have a cardiod mode?


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Oct 10, 2015
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Just something that have me puzzled.

I sometimes record some uke with a blue Yeti microphone.
For those who doesnt know it, it has three microphone capsules. On the front an x-y stereo set, on the back one pointing backwards.
It has a knob with 4 settings: cardiod, stereo, figure 8 and omni directional.

I think I understand the stereo setting - ignore input from the rear facing capsule and put the other two is separate tracks.
I think I understand the omni directional - add input from all three capsules and put them in one track.
But how does cardiod work?
Do the mics turn? Are they just adding the input from the stereo mics on front and putting them in one track? Or are they doing some next level signal analysis to figure out what sound comes from where?

Not sure about the figure 8 either.

Just courious because every toturial online recommends cardiod mode. And then in tests against other mics, it is critizided for not being as focused as the competitors.
My though is - no s** Sherlock, it is a stereo mic, the capsules are not pointed forward like on the other mic that has just one capsule, of course it is not focused. The competitors probably have better capsules too, but that is another subject.

I usually put mine in stereo, because hey, it is a big feature of the mic. Just wondering if the cardiod has some magic tricks, besides being mono, that I dont know about.
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