How did you end up here?

I joined after Aldrine blogged about UU in a video. He then played Elephant Town. No one can hold a candle to little Tia, but Aldrine came real close. That sealed the deal.
I watched Russ_Buss's entry for the April contest (stumbled upon it while searching youtube for ukulele videos.
I think it was through JoesphBautista.. but maybe I saw it on youtube (from Aldrine or someone..) or a search through yahoo haha wow. baaad memory. ><;;
Read it I believe in Seeso's youtube Profile. Came here and signed up! Then I attended the UU open mic night that evening...
From iamhawaii . . . around the time when you guys left it . . . so long ago . . . yet I have so little amounts of posts . . . :D
Russ_Buss dropped the dibs on UU. He does all the Internet sleuthing and I just reap the rewards! haha

I stumbled on Seeso on UTube while looking for help on Santeria on the guitar. That was pretty cool. My sis then sends me a link to Jake's My Guitar Weeps vid and since Russ_Buss was getting a uku I decided to join in on the fun.

And I think I am getting the UAS!!!!:eek:

(This site rocks!)
After the end of Iamhawaii I met with Aldrine while vacationing on Kauai`. Aldrine told me about the concept of UU and he was pretty excited about getting it up and running. It wasn't very long after I got back home that UU was launched. I believe Aldrine called me and told me about the forum going live and that's when I joined.
Read about UU on Woodshed's :D The rest is history...;)
wow, russ-buss got two credits for leading people here, pretty awesome. I think I watching Aldrines lesson for summer Breeze, and saw a link to UU. Could have also found it in the link section of the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum, I've got a bad memory too...
When I was doing uke searches, looking for opinions on different makes and models, I kept being directed to this forum. And here at this forum I found lots of nice people, lots of helpful tips, lots of knowledge and tons more talent. I thought that the past was in some of the other uke forums, but here was the future. And music is based on what we learned from the past, but it has always been, for the best musicians, about looking ahead. That was a philosophy I could get behind. :)
I was on Aldrines youtube page to see if he had any new videos, and saw the deal about UU and I signed up at the end of Nov.
Geez Louise, you already have 235 posts girl, have you partaken in my poll yet about how much time you spend in the UU? Its listed in the Uke Talk forum.
i kept waiting for another episode from iamhawaii, but it never came..longest couple of months ever. then i signed onto myspace and saw aldrine's bulletin about a new site they launched!
I was sending emails to both Woodshed from Ukulele Hunt and Dominator, and both told me about here.

I think it's a little surreal that I see a really great ukulele video and then I come here and talk to the person that made it.
I think I found out about U.U. from the Fleamarket Music forum. I think someone posted something about U.U. there and I checked it out.
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