How do I add my ukuleles to my posts/signature?


Jun 26, 2011
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If they show up, I have figured it out. lol
Hehehe,...some help you turned out to be! I haven't got that far myself,....will figure it out soon i guess.
Go to "Settings" (top right of page), "My Settings" (left side, down a little), then "Edit Signature." :)

Thanks,....about 5 hours ago i finally got around to getting a brief signature loaded, and i'm pretty sure i saved
it properly. It's still not showing up, however. I suspect a moderator might have to activate them, perhaps.

And this is a Sunday..............

Edited: JUST showed up on a new post. I assumed it would show up on all previous posts also.
Apparently not the case.
We did it! Thanks for the directions itsme. I doubt I could have figured it out again. Yes, I thought it would show up on previous posts, too.
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