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How do you pronounce that clampy thing one uses on the neck?

  • Kay-po

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  • Kah-po

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Mar 3, 2009
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Yangon, Myanmar
Kah-po (kapo) was a POW in German concentration camps who acted as a trustee of sorts for the SS.
I say Kaypo, so do all my american friends, but most of my international friends say Kah-po as in capote. It probably should be kah-po,
It's been Americanized.
I blame the Eye-talians...
I always understood in English (American) that when a vowel is followed by a consonant then another vowel, the vowels are pronounced hard; kay poh.
I've been pronouncing it kay-po for 50+ years. I don't think I've been wrong all that time. :unsure: ;)
D.C. in music notation is Da capo and I'm pretty sure nobody pronounces that as da kaypo. I'm bummed that TerryM and Wikipedia are probably right and I have been saying it wrong for 50 years. I will not repent of this sin, however. KAYPO forever.
"that thing guitarists use when they can't be bothered to learn more chords".
Causing all the other musicians (who cannot use a kah-poh) to...

Glad we got to the bah-dem of this.

Another question: Why do dictionaries not encourage enunciating "t"s? That drives me crazy!

bot·tom /ˈbädəm/ noun
1. the lowest point or part of something.
"the bottom of the page"
2. a person's buttocks.
"he climbs the side of the gorge, scratching his bottom unselfconsciously"

Did they mean? "he climbs the side of the gorge, unselfconsciously scratching his bottom"
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It's pronounced "that thing guitarists use when they can't be bothered to learn more chords".
Amen !!!!
When I get a lead sheet for a song for my church worship band and see Capo 1, 2, or 3 at the top I wince. Often it's because the guitar player doesn't like the chord shapes/fingerings in the original key. Capo is easy for them to use with their larger fret board. Not so much with a ukulele fret board. I mostly stick with the original key and transpose, and only use a capo when I absolutely have when I don't like the transposed chord shapes/fingerings. Oops, I guess I shouldn't fault the guitar players after all ;).
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