How many ukuleles do you have?

How many ukuleles do you have?

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    Votes: 4 4.3%
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    Votes: 9 9.8%
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    Votes: 4 4.3%
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    Votes: 8 8.7%
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    Votes: 10 10.9%
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    Votes: 9 9.8%
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    Votes: 3 3.3%
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    Votes: 3 3.3%
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    Votes: 3 3.3%
  • 10+

    Votes: 39 42.4%

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In my first year playing uke, mid 2013, I went through sixteen, then culled them down to eight. Early last year I found that with nerve damage to my neck spinal cord from radiation treatments for Hodgkins Disease years ago, I'm comfortable only playing thinline ukes, so I went with six; two Lanikai, one Hricane, one Kala Travel and two Bruce Wei customs in the style of the Kala.

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Even though I'm in the 10+ camp, I still consider myself a minimalist because I've down-sized from 20-30 to roughly 11.
I tend to have a collection based on potential "roles" in performance or travel settings.

-Dedicated high-G tuned acoustic-electric
-Dedicated low-G tuned acoustic-electric
-Beater in high-G
-Beater in low-G
-Solid body in low-G
-Dedicated baritone DGBE tuned acoustic-electric
-Beater in DGBE
-Solid body in DGBE
-Banjo ukulele for times you need banjo sound
-Octave low GCEA
-Steel string electric ukulele
-Bass Uke, if it counts.
10+ seems to be popular at the moment. I'm in that group with the smallest number of ukes I've owned in years. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing🤣
We have 10 right now (four tenors, 3 concerts, 3 sopranos), but somehow that doesn't reflect the fact that some are played daily and others are played very rarely. For instance, we have two Enya sopranos that were last played for 20 minutes on Chrismas Eve. They are our indestructible, just in case ukuleles; one is in the car and the other lives in the toy box at home. At the other extreme we each have an instrument that is our daily player and that we use >75% of the time. We also each have a "festival ukulele" that is nice enough that we enjoy playing it, but not so dear that we would worry about taking it to festivals or jams or for some sort of outing. Those get played every month or two, but get a serious workout for several days every six months or so. The festival ukuleles are instruments that we bought on our way to finding our now favorite instruments.

So what about the other four? My wife swtiches from her daily driver (KoAloha KTM00) to a Kamaka tenor every few weeks for an hour or so. The other three are due to me. I have a soprano and a tenor that I play weekly with periods where I play one of them almost daily in addition to my daily driver (Pops concert). I also recently acquired a mango concert that I have been playing as my main instrument for the past week. I will often spend a week or two with a new instrument when I first get it.

At one time I had a theory about keeping some of them in high G and some in low G, but in practice we both play low G almost all the time and all our instruments except one Enya soprano are strung low G. I enjoy sampling the different voices of our ukuleles, and each one speaks to me a little differently. I tend to be over analytical and do a lot of comparing, and that is part of the fun of playing ukulele for me. I've learned about my preferences, and they have evloved over time. Yet, the search for truth, or variety, or perfection, or whatever it is in terms of instruments, definitely takes time and energy away from playing and developing my ability to play. I'm not making a value judgement about how anyone else pursues their ukulele journey, but I have been happiest in the period after I acquire a new ukulele that I love, and before the next shiny object catches my eye.
I have 11. It feels like too many, but deciding which one(s) should go is challenging...
Is there some moral view that we should endeavor for fewer (say less than 10) as a good thing? Is there a consensus that there is a too many?

Well obviously I'm not of that camp.

My joke to a family member was that if I won the lottery and didn't tell anyone there would be signs - A Moore Betah - there would be signs. He said, nah a stick shift car that I would struggle to drive. Yes signs. :cool:
For those who gave 10+, do you play them regularly? If so, how do you decide which one to play? (Bad weather, need to amp, change of pace?)
I play them regularly. Which one(s) depends on my mood/whims/the moon phase/something that I can’t explain. Sometimes, I’ll cycle through 5+ in a day to decide which one “clicks.” I also have days where I really like one uke and days where I really, really do not like the sound/feel of the same uke. Having options is helpful in those instances.
I second that. I try to "rotate" and pick my "3 of the week" on sunday (after dinner, but before dessert, at approx. 20.15 😁), but I find myself switching and deviate from that depending on mood. Sometimes I end up with 5 ukes scattered around. Literally...

What I try to avoid is not picking one for a longer period. If I catch myself doing that, I urge myself to pick it up and play it for a couple of days. Sometimes motivated with putting on new strings or something like that. Uke gets a treat, I try to re-kindle the love: make me remember why I have you? Works most of the times. If not, it's probably best we say goodbye and go our seperate ways. Happens not very often anymore, honing the bunch since long.

Restrung the resonator this weekend. Even gave the frets a polish and some lemon oil to the board. Barks like a dog. Happy puppy. Both of us.
Most of my ukuleles have different purposes.

1950s Kamaka soprano, which has a remarkable tone, tuned to D6, and really suits some songs.
Long neck soprano I find super comfortable and use to practice new stuff.
Loud long neck soprano for taking out to perform, and good for quick snappy songs.
Low G fairly quiet but sweet concert, good for folk.
Low G mango concert with tenor neck, good for most low G stuff.
Bb6 tuned tenor for jazz.
Resonator, mainly for blues
Enya electro-acoustic for playing with amplified effects.
Guitalele, which I’m intermittently trying to learn.

I also have five I want to sell, but the above all get played.
So far, I'm the only one with 7. Strange, considering it's the perfect number... My sig only shows 6 but I have an Enya I leave up at the cabin.
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