How to hold a contest

i want to hold a contest, although i want something unique... like aotearoa strummer, the prize ukulele is unique. I've played a few of them and its an ideal prize. i don't know about the prize...

but the contest would be something on reggae.
I don't know if I'd hold any contests, but if that event were to occur, how would one send a prize to a winner? I don't know the first thing about shipping or anything like that. I've never even ordered anything online.
Gee, where do I start?
Some of the Seasons contests were raffles - and they were the ones I thought rewarded entrants best for their efforts.
Getting people to share their love of the uke and their joy in music is not "having others do work for you".
MUSIC is not boxing, world championship wrestling, car racing, the olympics, the tour de France (although they often share the drug thing), marbles, 10 pin bowling, arm wrestling, etc.
Defeating an opposition is not something that I set about to do when posting videos in a "competition" here and I'm a pretty competitive person.
And the notion of having to be awarded a "tangible prize"? Is that really why people enter comps here?
If the entries are to be judged the presentation should go, "I liked this one best."
Or, "The point system used shows that the judges preferred this entry."
Or, "All (or some of) the entries went in a hat and ..."
Just my 2 cents worth.
I might start holding contests. I don't think I'll host a season again as even on my best days my attention span is not the best and I'd end up causing bad feeling by forgetting something or not noticing something. I would like to hold events though, and a contest with a time range of 4 weeks would be great because I could take my time.
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