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Jan 18, 2024
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Hello! My name is Paul and I live in southeastern Indiana. I've played guitar and mandolin for a good while (I'm nearly 40). Several years ago I decided to teach my oldest son some music basics and bought both of us ukuleles. His was a cheap $50 instrument, and I bought a Lanikai lu22cgc and a hardshell case.

As with most things, my sons moved one (one plays banjo and the other guitar). The cheapo ukuleles they had are both long gone, but I still have my original instrument. I have picked it up from time to time to mess with, but never seriously. Well, I've decided I hate seeing it just sit in the case so I'm going to give it more attention. I put some new strings that I had lying around (that aren't great) and I found this forum. Maybe someday soon I'll be getting a better instrument and I'll keep playing and practicing until then.

I know little to nothing about ukulele brands, strings, accessories, etc., so I am all ears (or eyes, as it were). I appreciate any and all help I can get from those of you know know much, much more than I do!
Welcome to UU, Paul, and a warm hello from Chicago! You've come to the right place if interested in learning. Lots of folks here willing to help answer any questions you can't find the answer to using the great search feature we have here.
Welcome to the UU Forum, Paul. It’s a good place to hang out. Lots of friendly, helpful, knowledgable folks here ready to offer you advice on whatever you are looking for. And plenty of those same people will, no doubt, be responsible for guiding you toward UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome). :)
I found this forum. Maybe someday soon I'll be getting a better instrument
That is the way it tends to go 😂

Welcome to UU, Paul. As Joe and Jan have already said, this is a very friendly place, filled with lots of knowledgeable and helpful people - I hope you’ll have fun here!
Welcome, from Northern Michigan.
Greetings and welcome to the UU forums! Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself. I'm glad that you've been inspired to pick up your ukulele again! As others have said, there is a lot of information here and a lot of knowledgeable people very willing to share, so ask away!
Welcome, Paul, from Atlanta! I’m not exaggerating to report that everything I know about ukes is a result of 18 months of UUF membership. Wonderful forum populated by folk who genuinely act like family. Truth is, far better than members of most families.

Though we’ve lost touch since he retired, my old friend Steve has (except for a stint in the US Army’s Old Guard) lived his entire life in and near Bartholomew County, IN.
Aloha!! From North Carolina. I am fairly new here too (almost up to 3 chords) We are considering moving to SE Indiana, Columbus more specifically. You will find this is a great group with lots of info.

Hi Paul! I’m Nick! I live in Evansville! I’ll be at BCUF tomorrow!
Welcome to UU, Paul!
The first uke that showed up at ours was a little soprano my daughter got from her grandad. After a few months it didn't get lots of love anymore. However, it convinced me to buy a tenor, which I still absolutely love!
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