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Mar 29, 2023
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Hi all, I've been on this site for a wee while but haven't introduced myself. I'm a lifelong pianist / piano teacher but my father has been a ukulele enthusiast since the year dot. Every time I visited home (in NZ) I'd relearn some basic chords and join in the play-and-sing-alongs then forget them after returning to Sydney. Last February I decided instead to buy a uke after my latest visit, and the rest is history! I have a couple of concert ukes (Millar Mango and aNueNue AMM2) and a couple of tenors (Pono ATD and Romero Creations Replica Cedar-Rosewood). Ultimately two ukes—a concert and tenor—will be enough, so just contemplating which two to sell.

Anyway it's been a wonderful 12 months of daily uke playing. It really is the happy instrument.

Thanks all for reading, cheers, Ric
Welcome to the UU Forum Ric. You have a very nice stable of ukuleles.

You and your father will be jammin' next visit. Have fun.
Welcome to UU, Ric!
Make sure you have a uke ready for a visitor, and one to tie you over whilst new strings are settling in... One of the tenors could also become a baby baritone, you know? Just some food for thought.

Thanks for the welcome, Ms Atkinson... I mostly took your advice and have decided to keep three ukes (two concerts and the Pono tenor).
Best wishes, R. Barker
Nice ukes and terrific playing. Enjoyed those vids. I don't know a lot about Millar ukes, except they are getting an excellent reputation. I really like your mango Millar. The Acacia Pono ATD is a fine instrument as well. I used to have one.
Thanks Kenn - yes, the Millar Mango is a really nice instrument. I started with the long-neck soprano version but it was always slightly uncomfortable to hold, strap or no, for a tall bloke like me! The lady I sold it to here in Sydney was over the moon, she loves it, and I moved up one size to the concert version. Very balanced across the four strings, it's the uke I always choose to play with my morning coffee! (Millar's design approach really suits their sopranos and concert ukes, IMO).

As for the Pono Acacia tenor, I replaced the tuners with Gotohs, and the bottom strings with a Thomastik-Infeld wound-C and Romero low-G—which blend perfectly with the top two Ko'olau Aho fluorocarbons. I swear the sustain on the Pono improves every few months... And of course it's a breeze to play since the fretboard and bridge are so well-aligned.

Cheers, Ric
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