I’m thinking of getting one of these.

When you track one down can you LMK your source Ken?
I’ve had a good look around Pete, they seem to be vintage tools described as “mini spoke shaves” most sellers I’ve found are in the US and are all out of stock… some can be found on eBay also in the US with high shipping costs….Veritas do a similar one but very pricey.
I've had good luck with these small Jorgenson planes. Takes a little fiddling to set them up but quicker than scrapers and only $15 at Lowe's in the US.IMG_4851.JPG
It’s funny you said that co’s I’ve been in the workshop today looking in the scrap box looking for bits and bobs to put one together.
I was thinking the same thing. I checked the LeValley/Veritas website and noticed that they sell the blade for the mini at $7.50 US. Perhaps there’s a way to make your own holder for the blade, using their blade.
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