I am a bad influence/My UAS has mutated.


Feb 23, 2012
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St. Louis, MO, USA
We have a new employee in my office, Kris, and he has been subjected to my chattering about ukes. A few days ago I walked past his desk and saw that he was perusing the Woodwind Brasswind website - specifically, he was looking at a saxophone. He told me that he played the sax in high school, but hadn't touched one in years (he's in his mid-to-late thirties). The next day we went to a meeting, and before the meeting started, I was telling a colleague about my newly-acquired charango. As we sat down, Kris said something along the lines of, "I'm going to like working with you; I'll get back into music, and now my girlfriend wants a banjo."
Bad influence? It sounds like you are a GREAT influence! I think that everyone loves making their own music; they just don't know it yet!
Bad influence? It sounds like you are a GREAT influence! I think that everyone loves making their own music; they just don't know it yet!

Y'know, Fuzzy, you're right. It will only be bad if he buys a truckload of saxes and banjos. I have apparently done a good deed!
You don't have UAS, you're just a carrier.
Hey Kathryn....owner of 2 dulcimers....maybe you caught a little of the bug from me?
Anyone who is into making their own music is OK in my book. Yeh to you and yeh to Kris.
If more people played music, maybe we'd have a little less violence.
Kathryn, I want to congratulate you for spreading the music seed. As someone who, through ukuleles (and now a tenor guitar) finally found my way back to music after many years (I was what my band leader called a "damned good" clarinetist from third grade through high school), I can only say that I wish someone like you had come along to influence me back into music years earlier. So you did good.

As for MAS, I have no interest in returning to clarinet (my embouchure is shot), but I did branch out from ukulele to tenor guitar (I have now both an acoustic and an electric tenor guitar) and just this past December I bought sleigh bells to accompany me on this coming year's Christmas caroling, and I have two melodicas and two ocarinas. Sometimes a mechanic is limited only by what's in his or her toolbox.
Kathryn made me buy a mountain dulcimer :) Ok maybe she didn't *make* me but she gave me excellent advice and now I'm hooked :)

Everything I know about dulcimers I learned from frets alot - she is our pack leader.

Thank you all. When I visited Kris this afternoon, he was searching the web for a sax teacher and a piano teacher. (Yes, we do occasionally work in our office.)
Spread the joy. It is glorious in ways you might not even know.

I have a sorta grumpy co-worker who also plays mandolin in a jug band. He doesn't know it, but him talking about his band is part of what made me determined to get back into music. My ukulele infection even has my violin playing sister thinking she should start a trio with her on fiddle, me on ukulele and her friend on accordion. We're a long ways from performing, but it's fun to think about.
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Aloha Kat,
Missed this thread...now you have a partner in chrime...LOL you can both enable each other to get more instruments.....hee hee
yes music is healthy contagious...
wonderful, wonderful post. Yay for bringing music back into our lives. Yay for music being participatory, not a spectator sport. Yay!
Practicing instruments is waaay better than sitting around watching TV. I'm hoping I can get my kids hooked to doing this as well when they start to get older (currently 2 & 5).
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