I am trying to convert baritone from 4 to 6 strings, help appreciated


Jun 4, 2016
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First posted in ukulele beginners thread, sorry.

I bought a cheap 50 dollar laminated mahogny baritone ukulele from aliexpress a couple of months ago. It looks good and the craftmanship is nice but the sound is nothing like my other baritones.

I decided to try to convert it to 6 strings With low and high G and 2 high E strings. So far I have changed all the geared tuners like this:

Picture 5.jpg

The problem I ran in to is what space do I need between the low and the high G string, I saw a youtube video that said 2,4 mm on a soprano ukulele , is that enough to avoid buzzing on a baritone? Do I need the same Space between the high E strings?

I llike the sound of 6 strings ukulele and like the challenge to see if this will be playable With ok sound when I am finished.

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Just measured the "dual string" gap on my 6-string tenor uke. The measurements came out to be:

At the nut and saddle:
From center-of-string to center-of-string = 2.5 mm
From interior-edge-of-string to interior-edge-of-string = 2.0 mm

Have my tenor tuned GDAE (G3-D3-D4-A3-E4-E5) and love it.
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Thank you very much, I hope I can get a good sounding 6 string when I am finished With it.

Finally managed to finish this project. I like the sound, very different from the other baritones we have. I added high G and low E strings.


sound samples:
This one With Aquilla nylglut strings:

My wifes Morgan baritone with Martin 630 strings:
Sample 2

My sons Caramel Baritone With Aquilla nylglut strings:
Sample 3

Recordings taken with cell phone.

Thank you for Your help, maybe I managed to give inspiration to others here.

Dang, that's pretty handy and cool that you could do that yourself. Nice!
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